Sunday, October 31, 2021

New Darkroom Paper

I recently tried a new product from Ilford, new to me at least. It's their MGFB Multigrade FB double weight paper. No doubt it's been around but new to me since I've not used it before.

At any rate, it gave me brilliant whites and distinctive blacks. The negatives I created were on Ilford HP5 (ISO 400) which I dropped down to ISO 100. Perhaps more than what was needed but the negs are very strong. No need for a contrast filter in my enlarger and, at f8, all negs printed around 10 seconds for a 4x5 print. The MGFB was easy to work with and very consistent. The images created were from a custom car show in Flemington, NJ. The negatives and the paper worked together very well. The results were sharp with enough contrast to highlight the details of each car. 

Needless to say, the only draw back to FB paper is the drying process and the resultant curl of the final dried photo. Surely there's a better procedure than my hanging the prints to dry but before investing in any more equipment, I'll revert to RC paper which I've used all along. Just wanted to try a "new paper".

If you're a B&W film photographer and do your own printing, please let me know about this film/paper combination or whatever it is that you like. 

Thanks - Hank

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