Friday, March 26, 2021

A new venture. Have you ever tried one? Well, I did and came up with this:

"NEW LIMITED EDTION POSTER SERIES - B & W steam locomotive prints 24 x 36 from the Webber Collection of negatives dating the 1930's. Published on premium luster paper, packaged in a sturdy mailing tube and sent to you via FREE shipping. Available on eBay at listing # 274728704267 (also-"steam locomotive posters"). Get your wall art today."

Like so many things in life, we never know unless we try.  Could be a new business, or something new in your business, a new relationship, a new job, or adjusting to the loss of one, on and on. Better to have tried and lost than to never have tried at all. Obviously, easier said than done but not impossible,

How are things with you now? Can I be of any help? Are you trying something new and it seems to be going nowhere? Don't give up, you're not alone. "Success is just one more failure that didn't succeed". If you believe in your heart it can be done, than do it. Just be ready for all the pitfalls, you'll have plenty of them. Remember, life is too short not to try. Stay on track!  

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