Saturday, September 15, 2018

Gossen Digisix Light Meter

In my search for a lighter and smaller light meter, I found the Gossen Digisix to be my answer. It's 2 1/5" top to bottom and 2" left to right. Easily fits into a shirt pocket. Equipped with a neck strap, it can be worn all day with no fatigue whatsoever. The Digisix uses a CR-2032 battery which is readily and the unit only weighs 40g including the battery.

The Gossen Digisix is an ambient light meter set up to take both incident and reflected light readings. The diffuser is conveniently mounted at the top of the unit making it easy to move as needed for either of the two types of light readings.

There are 6 functions built into the Digisix. They are:

  1. Film Speed
  2. Exposure Reading
  3. Timer
  4. Watch
  5. Alarm Clock
  6. Temperature
Admittedly, I only use the first two functions but the others are nice to have nonetheless. Once I set my ISO value, taking a reading is easy and quite expansive. The exposure dial that you rotate to match the meter's EV reading then shows you every possible F stop/shutter speed combination for that EV reading. I like that since I may make a judgement call as to under/over exposure. May also want to think about depth of field. A single glance at the Digisix makes all the variables obvious to me. No doubt other meters do the same but I like the compact size and accuracy of this particular meter. It's just light weight, handy, and quick.

The following are some of the Gossen Digisix specs:

  • Shutter Speeds - 1/2000 sec to 4 min
  • Apertures (F stops) - 1 to 32
  • Film Speeds - ISO 6 to 3200 - 1/3 incriments
Retail price for the Gossen Digisix is around $175.

Any comments, questions, or suggestions please post as you wish.  


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