Friday, August 31, 2018

A New Website Finally
GoDaddy Website Builder

After shopping around for a website builder/platform, I chose GoDaddy as the place within which I'd design and build my photography website. It proved to be a wise decision for me.

I'm not a computer expert so I wanted a builder that would work for my level of expertise. The templates and add-ons in GoDaddy were easy for me to navigate and edit to my liking for a Black & White photography website. The son of a friend of mine got me started and with that "push", I was into the digital world of graphics and text. One of the hardest decisions was to pick a template and then edit it the way it would best display my photography. This got easier as I moved along.

The design characteristics of the platform allows me room to add, delete, and update at will. I knew from the beginning that I wanted different galleries for my varied types of images. There are 9 different and distinct galleries within the website each with its own titles, sizes, and pricing. All constructed with relative ease. Uploading images to the site is just as easy. I can go back at any time I wish and change any gallery or any other portion of the site. Promos and special offers are handled the same way. I'm in complete control as opposed to a webmaster that does whatever you wish but at a price you might not wish, Or worse, no getting things done when you wish.

In addition to the "parts" of the website/builder, there a number of services available, such as:
  • email marketing
  • SEO service
  • Facebook link
  • Blog link (external or internal)
  • Sales reports
  • Unlimited product offerings ( I have over 100)
  • Easy payment options
  • Competitive shipping rates
  • Text notifications of sales booked
  • Abandoned cart recovery (notifies me of prospect/customer that didn't complete a sale)
  • Option for customers to write a review
To complete the list, GoDaddy has exceptional customer service available 24/7!

Hope this info may be helpful to any one searching to build their own website.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions please post as you wish.